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Business Mediation

David Klegerman has over 25 years of extensive Human Resources and labour Relations experience. In workplace setting, he has been responsible for the welfare of culturally diverse groups and administration of employee assistance program. He has co-authored a comprehensive bibliography of Workplace Dispute Resolution sources.

Labour Relations Services provided:

  • Mediation of business disputes.
  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.
  • Administration of employer’s duties and responsibilities during certification process.
  • Administration of all labour relation issues.

Ensure fair negotiation by identifying power imbalances

Klegerman identifies power imbalances that may exist between the two parties and works from there. Some people are at a disadvantage, and the mediator has to be able to provide a balanced platform, so that there is a fair opportunity to negotiate for each of them. He helps both parties articulate their positions in the process and never put any one on the defensive. He develops a guideline for the mediation process prior to each session. He is prepared for the issues and any changeup, as he feels obligated to give the best possible service.

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