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Welcome to the David Klegerman Newsletter!

As a service to our clients, we at the offices of David Klegerman and Divorce Magazine are pleased to provide you with this twice-monthly e-newsletter and hope that the information and articles contained within are helpful, supportive, and entertaining.

You may subscribe to receive this newsletter by email.

December 3, 2004 Issue
  1. Handling the holidays after your divorce
  2. Is divorce the best choice for you?
  3. Meditation as a healing technique
  4. Getting settled with your ex
  5. The single parent's primer
  6. Products and tips to help you through this stressful time
November 3, 2004 Issue
  1. Energize
  2. Learning to Live Apart
  3. Cupid and Contracts
  4. Mediation - It Works
  5. Adding Color to Your World
  6. Building a Happier Future
October 1, 2004 Issue
  1. Managing the anger of divorce
  2. Dating after divorce
  3. Advice from a Family Court Judge
  4. Common mediation barriers and how to overcome them
  5. Color and Mood
September 15, 2004 Issue
  1. Moving beyond the grief of divorce
  2. Blaming your ex for splitting up your marriage
  3. Discovering your financial reality
  4. How to hurdle the barriers of mediation
  5. Reassuring your child during and after divorce
  6. Home Makeover
September 3, 2004 Issue
  1. Ending Abuse
  2. Fighting Words
  3. Be Prepared
  4. Interview with Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D.
  5. Stepfamily Roles
  6. Preparing for Moving Day
August 18, 2004 Issue
  1. Tips on looking and feeling better after divorce
  2. Can you rescue your relationship?
  3. Taking care of your body and soul
  4. When your ex won't pay support...
  5. What's the "best" time to divorce -- for the kids' sake?
August 5, 2004 Issue
  1. The Power of Pets
  2. Making Peace: Reinventing Relationships after the Split
  3. The Divorce "Money Trap" -- a Lose-Lose Situation
  4. Advice from a Judge
  5. Right at Home in your post-divorce life
  6. The Challenges of Becoming a Bachelor Parent

July 6, 2004 Issue

  1. Pathways through the Grief of Divorce
  2. Dating and the Single Parent
  3. Life after the Divorce Process: U.S. version and Canadian version.
  4. How Mediation can Give you a Peaceful Divorce
  5. The Great Garage Sale
  6. When is the "Best" Time to Divorce?

June 16, 2004 Issue

  1. Set Sail for a New Post-Divorce Future!
  2. Making your Next Marriage Work
  3. Divorce Recovery as a Matter of Faith
  4. Saving on a Shoestring
  5. Within a Child's Heart
  6. The Clutter Conquest
June 1, 2004 Issue
  1. Tips for surviving divorce
  2. Covenant marriage: putting "forever" back into marriages?
  3. How to heal your heart
  4. What's your "money personality"?
  5. Creating a good co-parenting relationship

May 1, 2004 Issue

  1. How a "divorce ceremony" can help you find closure
  2. Divorce as friends...or maybe even save your marriage?
  3. A solid relationship with your lawyer
  4. Finding common ground
  5. Perfect harmony in your home decoration
  6. Halle Berry has filed for divorce
  7. Creating a satisfying life after your divorce

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