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Welcome to the David Klegerman Newsletter!

As a service to our clients, we at the offices of David Klegerman and Divorce Magazine are pleased to provide you with this monthly e-newsletter and hope that the information and articles contained within are helpful, supportive, and entertaining.

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December 2008
  1. Meditate away your stress
  2. Curing the divorce hangover
  3. Getting settled
  4. How do property disputes first go wrong?
  5. Making the decision: separation
  6. Frequently asked questions about infidelity
November 2008
  1. Parenting pitfalls
  2. Saving on a shoestring
  3. The mediation alternative
  4. The real estate lawyer's divorce primer
  5. Victimhood: the curse of divorce recovery
  6. Navigating the law: the art of the deal
October 2008
  1. Your money's worth
  2. Separation agreement considerations and separation preparedness
  3. Peaceful divorce
  4. Orderly justice: the phases of a divorce trial
  5. Joint or sole custody?
  6. How do I tell the kids about the divorce?
September 2008
  1. I may not be the answer
  2. Divorce considered "morally acceptable" to 70% of Americans in Gallup poll
  3. Your money personality
  4. Whose life is it anyway?
  5. Making your marriage work
  6. It's a date!
August 2008
  1. Divorce advice from divorce lawyers
  2. Navigating the law: the art of the deal
  3. Surviving financially after divorce
  4. Coping with a difficult ex
  5. Soul survival
  6. Mediation Barriers
July 2008
  1. Your divorce team
  2. Conflict & parenting: customize your post-separation parenting relationship
  3. Reinventing relationships
  4. Family-centered divorce
  5. Waiting for change
June 2008
  1. Common Knowledge
  2. Divorce Mediation: Frequently Asked Questions
  3. How to Negotiate a Successful Relationship Agreement
  4. Back to School
  5. What is the "best" time to divorce?
  6. Turning stumbling blocks into building blocks
May 2008
  1. Happily single
  2. Grieving and healing after profound loss
  3. Stepping off the roller coaster
  4. Splitting
  5. Divorce liens on the family home
  6. Stress busters
April 2008
  1. "He said...She said"
  2. How to have "the perfect divorce" for your family
  3. Reaching renewal
  4. Should you stay or go?
  5. Conserve cash in a business property settlement
  6. Beating stress -- before it beats you
  7. The art of negotiation
March 2008
  1. Within a child's heart
  2. A fair negotiation
  3. Full esteem ahead
  4. Sex and divorce
  5. How will you find value?
  6. Charting your expenses
February 2008
  1. Valentine's Day tips from
  2. The single parent's primer
  3. The "A" Team
  4. Divorce and Grief
  5. Feel better now!
  6. Top Ten Tips
  7. Pensions and Divorce
January 2008
  1. Using special masters to resolve post-divorce conflicts
  2. The goodwill conundrum solving the puzzle of goodwill can be difficult
  3. Learning to co-operate
  4. A perfect fit
  5. An extraordinary life
  6. Are you really ready for divorce?

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