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Welcome to the David Klegerman Newsletter!

As a service to our clients, we at the offices of David Klegerman and Divorce Magazine are pleased to provide you with this monthly e-newsletter and hope that the information and articles contained within are helpful, supportive, and entertaining.

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December 2010
  1. Should I use an Attorney who is not a Matrimonial Attorney?
  2. Creating a Separation Agreement
  3. A Peaceful Resolution
  4. A Good Night's Sleep
  5. Inspirational Quotes
November 2010
  1. Happier Holidays!
  2. A Show of Support
  3. A Matter of Faith
  4. Bachelor Parent
  5. Jokes About Marriages
October 2010
  1. Dealing with Legal Fees
  2. A Satisfying Agreement
  3. Good Karma Divorce
  4. Are Your Kids at Risk?
  5. A Fair Negotiation
September 2010
  1. When Things Change
  2. Be Prepared
  3. Grieving and Healing after a Profound Loss
  4. 50/50 Child Access: A Passionate and Heated Debate
  5. Discovering Authentic Love
August 2010
  1. On the Case
  2. Charting Your Expenses
  3. Stepping off the Roller Coaster
  4. Building a Happier Future
  5. The Art of Negotiation
July 2010
  1. Working with Your Attorney to Get the Best Results Possible
  2. Your Money Personality
  3. Full Esteem Ahead
  4. Successful Step Families
  5. Reinventing Relationships
June 2010
  1. How to Get a Divorce
  2. Avoiding Common Pitfalls
  3. Think Positive!
  4. Children's Reaction
  5. What is Collaborative Divorce?
May 2010
  1. Advice from A Judge
  2. Financial Health Check-Up
  3. Curing the Divorce Hangover
  4. Handling Visitation
  5. One Singular Sensation
April 2010
  1. A Divorce Attorney Who's A Perfect Fit
  2. How Do Property Disputes First Go Wrong?
  3. Reaching Renewal
  4. The Benefits of Divorce Mediation
  5. Dating and The Single Parent
March 2010
  1. Surviving divorce during recession
  2. The secret to a successful divorce
  3. An approach to resolving child access
  4. Keeping your divorce costs down
  5. How to quiet your mind
February 2010
  1. Divorce prevention
  2. Divorce versus annulment
  3. A family’s heartbreak: a parent’s introduction to parental alienation
  4. Divorce and your emotional needs: what you should know to survive your divorce
  5. Avoiding financial disaster
January 2010
  1. Should You Stay or Go?
  2. What you should know about QDROS
  3. Once You've Told Your Children about the Divorce
  4. The Bilfurcated Divorce
  5. The Parent Left Behind

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